Stephen Tordella
President (M.A., Demography, Brown University)

Stephen Tordella is a respected applied demographer and a pioneer in the use of mapping and GIS techniques to address critical business needs. In his 30-year career, Mr. Tordella has concentrated on helping clients draw effective information from existing public and private data resources. Mr. Tordella specializes in performing secondary analysis of large data sets for business, association, and government clients, with an emphasis on communicating results to informed lay audiences as well as to demographic and marketing professionals. His wide range of clients includes Kodak, Nike, the National Education Association, the American Dental Association, and the federal government, and he advises them on market forecasts, customer segmentation, workforce demographics, demand for social programs, and related issues.

Mr. Tordella is coauthor of Demographics: People and Markets, a seminal guide to secondary data applications in demography. A leader among applied demographers in the Population Association of America (PAA), he is the past chair of PAA's Committee on Applied Demography. He has also chaired the Business Demography Interest Group, has been a member of the State and Local Demography Interest Group and the Committee on Population Statistics, and has served as PAA's representative to the Committee of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS). Mr. Tordella also serves on the National Institutes of Health panel that evaluates Small Business Innovation Research grant proposals. (Mr. Tordella serves on this panel only when Decision Demographics does not have any SBIR proposals pending). He is a member of the PAA, the Gerontological Society of America, and COPAFS.

Mr. Tordella takes a hands-on approach to all the company's projects. With clients in government, business, and associations, he manages simultaneous demands that range from one-hour instant responses to ongoing, multiyear task-order projects.

Before establishing Decision Demographics in 1987, Mr. Tordella was Director of CACI's Demography Center and Technical Services (now ESRI Business Information Solutions). From 1975 to 1984, he directed client services for the University of Wisconsin's Applied Population Laboratory.

Thomas E. Godfrey
Research Demographer (M.A., Demography, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Mr. Godfrey serves as Decision Demographics' leading analyst. He creates data products and manages projects, and has been serving clients in need of demographic and marketing research for more than 15 years.

Among other accomplishments, Mr. Godfrey documented major shifts in the composition of dentists for the American Dental Association in a 1992 study--anticipating trends that affect the Association today. For the National Education Association he has profiled, mapped, annually estimated earnings, and projected the future needs of Educational Support Professionals, the staff who form the bedrock of the nation's public schools. Mr. Godfrey is currently working on an NIH-funded Small Business Innovation Research project that creates systems to help associations profile their current and potential members.

On the business side, Mr. Godfrey has projected demand for products as specific as home ovulation test kits for a major pharmaceutical firm and as general as photographic film for Kodak. His most recent project involved forecasting the population of the 95 counties of Tennessee through 2020 by single years of age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. Under the auspices of a Small Business Innovation Research project from the National Institute on Aging, Mr. Godfrey created a nationwide mature population segmentation system that targets small geographic areas according to the characteristics and needs of their older population.

Mr. Godfrey began his professional career at Decision Demographics and returned to the firm in 1998. Before his return he was the principal analyst for a market research firm, where he was responsible for analysis and modeling of their detailed, 2,000-item consumer goods surveys. Mr. Godfrey not only has superior quantitative skills, he also has a strong user orientation and spent five years linking market research to strategic implementation at American Family Insurance.

Michael J. Dill
Research Demographer (M.A., Public Policy, ABD Sociology, SUNY-Albany)

Mr. Dill is the principal project staff for Decision Demographics' ADePPT project, a national survey-based system that focuses on the service and product needs of America's mature population. Mr. Dill has extensive experience in project management, data management, and analysis. He is a leading expert in health workforce studies and has advised national associations, trade publications, educational institutions and research centers, consulting firms, and the federal government. Prior to joining Decision Demographics, he managed high-profile, federally funded research projects that established a national context for health workforce policy planning and evaluation. His efforts served the needs of a wide array of stakeholders, with whom he worked collaboratively to assemble and produce up-to-date, relevant information. Mr. Dill also has been a project manager and data analyst in the human services field, particularly in child care services, policy, and advocacy.

In addition to demography, Mr. Dill is trained and experienced in human development, consumer economics, urban policy analysis, and quantitative data analysis.

Priscilla J. Foran
Research Analyst (M.Sc., Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McGill University)

Ms. Foran comes from a strong background in health research and works on virtually all Decision Demographics projects. She manages address cleaning and geocoding operations, and also designs and produces maps and charts. She is responsible for acquisition and quality control for the major data sets used by the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service to perform policy research on a variety of programs, including Food Stamp distribution. She also manages the editing, proofreading, and production of reports for the National Education Association and the submission of contracts and grant proposals. In addition, Ms. Foran manipulates large databases, such as a genealogy project for the Paugussett Indians of the northeastern United States.

Before joining Decision Demographics, Ms. Foran worked for the Cree Indians of James Bay, Quebec, designing and implementing a long-term investigation into potential methylmercury toxicity. Her work involved in-depth literature reviews and synthesis of diverse material relating to the project. Her report on the investigation was written for the lay reader, and she co-authored a published analysis of historical reports on methylmercury's effects that challenged the World Health Organization's “safe level.”

Robert L. Cohen
Systems Analyst (B.A., Physics, George Washington University)

Mr. Cohen has more than 30 years of experience in programming microeconomic simulation models and managing complex, large-scale databases in high-pressure, high-visibility situations. He has extensive knowledge of microcomputer hardware and software and has an appreciation of client needs, and he uses these skills to design systematic solutions aimed at solving client problems. Mr. Cohen handles analysis, systems design, model development, and statistical programming for Decision Demographics clients, including extensive work on welfare and food stamp modeling for congressional welfare reform initiatives. In his most recent assignment, Mr. Cohen has been analyzing commuting and other behavior patterns for the U.S. Census Bureau, a task that involves hundreds of millions of observations.


In addition to in-house staff, Decision Demographics employs a team of graphic artists, editors, demographers, statisticians, social scientists, and other staff, who have worked with the firm for a minimum of ten years each. With the help of these professionals, Decision Demographics creates products that range from reference tables to full-color brochures aimed at front-line marketers and organizers.

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